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Dr. Digital's Electronics Repair Services

  • With over 40 years of electronics design, building/rebuilding and repair experience - including hardware, software, machinery, consumer and industrial devices/electronics - the Doctor knows best! We do professional, high quality specialized repair solutions and high tech services at low or very competitive prices! And while most repair shops fix only certain electronics and/or devices, we at Dr. Digital's shop can fix, repair, service & refurbish virtually any consumer electronics, devices and/or gadgets! - After all, we fix all digital℠! - For a comprehensive list, check out the Devices Index 〉〉
  • We are not an ordinary repair shop, so before we go for a replacement part, we try to fix what is already at hand by soldering, molding, modifying and/or reflow on the circuit level. It's faster & cheaper for you, and a great personal challenge and experience for us!
  • Dr. Digital has the professional tools, the gear, the equipment as well as the expertise and the precision for soldering components on the circuitry level!
  • No matter what the problem might be, we will at least take a look, so don't think it's over just because someone else tells you it's not repairable ***.
Repair & Replacement of Shattered/Broken LCD Screen, Digitizer, Battery, and/or Water Damage Repair for iPhone/iPod Touch, iPad/iPad Mini, Android Phones/Android Tablets & Amazon Tablets

Specialized Services for Repair & Replacement of Shattered/Broken LCD/OLED Screen, Digitizer, Battery, and/or Water Damage Repair for iPhone/iPod Touch, iPad Pro/iPad Mini, Mobile/Android Smartphones & Tablets + Much More!

Get Your iDevices, Smartphone(s), Cell Phone(s), Mobile Phone(s) and Tablet(s) Serviced Professionally, including (but not limited to):

  • Broken/Busted Phone/Tablet Screen Repair
  • Phone/Tablet Cracked Screen Repair
  • Phone/Tablet Shattered Screen Repair
  • iPhone Retina Display Repair
  • Phone Black Screen Repair
  • Phone/Tablet Touchscreen Digitizer Repair
  • Phone Unresponsive Touch Screen Repair
  • Phone Screen Glass Repair
  • Switch between black/white screen
  • Mobile Phone Repair/Fix
  • Cell Phone LCD Fix/Repair
  • Phone/Tablet Backlight Repair
  • Back Camera Lense Repair
  • Phone/Tablet Charging Port Repair
  • Phone/Tablet Battery Replacement
  • Phone Water Damage Repair
  • 'No Service' warning icon info
  • Home Button Repair
  • Dock/Lightning Connector Repair
  • Headphone Jack Repair
  • Microphone Fix/Repair
  • Earpiece Speaker Repair
  • Loud Speaker Repair
  • Volume Button/Switch Repair
  • Power Button Repair
  • Vibrate Motor Repair
  • Remove Camera IR Filter
  • Back Housing Glass Replacement
  • Phone Bent Frame Realignment
  • Diagnostics
  • fon repar, phon repiar, ph1 fix

Contact Us for More Info, Price Quotes or Stop By For a Free Diagnosis! 〉〉

We repair all sorts of Tablets & Phones, from cell phones, smartphones, and iPhones, to Tablets, Android Devices and more!

  • Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max / 11 Pro / iPhone 11 Repair, iPhone XS Max Repair, iPhone XS Repair, iPhone XR Repair, iPhone X Repair, iPhone 10 Repair, iPhone 8 Plus (8+) Repair, iPhone 8, 7 Plus (7+), 7, 6S Plus (6S+), 6S, 6 Plus (6+), 6, SE, 5S, 5C, 5, 4s, 4, 3GS
  • Apple iPad Pro 12.9" / 11" / 10.5" / 10.2" / 9.7"; iPad Air 3, 2, 1; iPad 7 (2019) 7th Gen, iPad 6 (2018) 6th Gen, iPad 5 (2017) 5th Gen, 4, 3, 2; iPad Mini 2019 5th Gen, iPad Mini 4, 3, 2, 1
  • Apple iPod Touch 6th Gen, 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st
  • Apple Watch Series 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 38mm 42mm 44mm Screen/Battery Replacement
  • Cell phones with any carrier: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Cricket, Boost Mobile, MetroPCS, Straight Talk, TracFone, etc.
  • Android Phone: Google Pixel/Nexus, Samsung (Galaxy S, A, Note, J), LG, HTC, Sony, Motorola (Moto), Razer, Nokia, Huawei, OnePlus 7T/6T, Kyocera, Alcatel +more!
  • Android Tablet/Phablet: Samsung (Galaxy Tab/Book/S), Pixel C, RCA, Sony, LG, Nexus, Acer, Asus, Lenovo, Xiaomi +more!
  • Amazon Kindle Fire HD Tablet and E-book Readers
  • Microsoft Surface Tablet: Surface Pro 7, 6, 4, 3, 2 , 1 (all versions), Surface Laptop +more!
  • Windows Tablet: Dell, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, Acer, ASUS +more
  • Electronic Gadgets like Home/Kitchen Devices (Amazon Alexa, Google Home) and more!

Tablet/Phone Replacement/Repair Services:

Don't be annoyed or afraid about the shattered, cracked or broken screen of your phone or tablet anymore! We can repair and replace the broken screen(s) with a new screen - and after the screen has been assembled, it will feel, look, and work like new. Typically it takes about two (2) hours or same-day repair services.

Your phone or tablet has no backlight on screen, no image on the screen, no touch on the screen, no wifi, not working front/back camera? No problem. We can service/repair/fix that as well (see the list above for all the specific issues we can repair)!

We also have multiple versions of the iPhone tempered glass protection screen that we can install to help protect and prolong the screen on your devices!

Phone / Tablet Battery Replacement Services:

Battery life not what it used to be? That doesn't mean it's time to buy a new phone.

We can replace and repair the phones/tablets' old battery with a new fully working battery, and optimize its lifetime's potential for longer!

iPad, iPod, iPhone iOS Repair, Updates, Upgrades, and Maintenance

  • We can fix iPhone/iPad when stuck on "Connect to iTunes" screen
  • We can fix iPhone/iPad when stuck on the Apple Logo loop
  • We can fix iPhone/iPad when stuck in DFU mode
  • We can fix iPhone/iPad when stuck on Recovery Mode in iTunes
  • We can fix iPhone/iPad if it gets stuck when updating/upgrading the iOS
  • We can fix iPhone/iPad stuck on Verifying Update
  • We can fix iPhones that cannot connec to SIM/Cellular/"No Service"
  • We can unlock the iPhone's Carrier Network*
Service Details, Policies & Rates

Details, Policies, and Rates

Replacing Shattered/Broken/Cracked Screens: - Usually we keep some new screens in-stock, and can replace the broken/cracked screens with-in two hours, but depending on the demand and type of device, it might take up to a week for the new parts. It is best to Contact the Doctor ahead of time, just to be sure that we can service you quicker.

What if Dr. Digital is unable to fix your device? - If we are unable to repair your device(s), you don't owe us anything.

If you tried to fix your device on your own but couldn't do it and now it is all in pieces, can Dr. Digital fix that? - Yes, we will do our best to repair your device even if its all taken apart. However, we can't give you a guarantee since we didn't see it operating before it was taken apart or not working.

*Unlock the iPhone's Network Carrier: - If the phone is linked to a network carrier (example: AT&T or Sprint) and the phone is not paid off completely, the phone will be locked to the current network carrier and there is no way to unlock it until the payment is paid completely. Also, if the phone is originally purchased for a prepaid carrier (example: Straight Talk or Cricket) in some cases, the phone is locked to that particular prepaid company and/or carrier, and there is no way to unlock it completely or none at all.

Custom, Colored Screens: - If you wish, it is possible to put custom, colored screens (other than the standard black or white screens), however, colored screens are hard to find, and are purchased as needed, which typically takes a week or more to arrive and assemble.

Service Parts and Labor
*IMPORTANT INFO Prices of parts may change daily, and sometimes dramatically, so the prices below are not set in stone. "LCD Assembly Replacement" is the TOTAL cost for the service, which includes the cost of the labor plus the cost for the part(s).
Due to an increasing number of phones, tablets, and gadgets - the list is no longer included. For repair quotes, please contact us. Last updated: 5/26/2017
Apple iPhones/iPad Tablets - Replacement Screen/Digitizer/Battery Price varies on the specific device and exact version/model (i.e. iPhone 8 Plus / 8 / 7 Plus / 7 / 6S Plus / 6S / 6 Plus / 6 / SE / 5S / 5C; iPad 5, 4, 3, 2, Air 1, Air 2, Mini, Mini 2, Mini 3, Mini 4, Pro 9.7in, Pro 12.9in, Pro 10.5in) -
Contact Dr. Digital for more up-to-date prices.
Android Phones/Tablets - Replacement Screen/Battery/Charging Port
» Samsung Galaxy, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, etc.
Varies on the specific device and exact model.
Contact Dr. Digital for more up-to-date information.
Amazon Tablets - Replacement Screen/Battery
» Kindle Repair, Amazon Fire Repair, Fire HD Repair
Varies on the type and exact model.
Contact Dr. Digital for more up-to-date information.
Stop By For a Free Diagnosis Today! 〉〉
TV and Consumer Electronics Repairs Icon

Television Repair & Virtually All Consumer Electronics Repair Services

At Dr. Digital, TV repair is our leading specialty. From 4k TVs, Smart TVs, Plasma, LCD & LED TVs, to Projection and DLPs, we fix them all! But we don't stop there. Apart from TVs, we also repair virtually all consumer electronics, devices and gadgets - from the most recent to any in the past decades or more (if still available).

The Doctor provides a wide variety of high quality electronic repair services, including the most common types of devices, as well as some rare or obscure electronics:

We repair and service all the common TV brands including but not limited to: LG TV, Roku TV, Vizio TV, Panasonic TV, Samsung TV, Sharp TV, Sony TV, Hisense TV, Insignia TV, TCL TV, Philips TV, JVC TV, Pioneer TV, Toshiba TV, Hitachi TV, Mitsubishi TV, Sylvania TV, Magnavox TV, Westinghouse TV and more!

TVs With Common Problem and Repairs - Don't throw your TV away, we might be able to fix it!

  • TV HDMI input/port damage/repair
  • TV cannot connect to HDMI
  • TV lightning/thunder damage/repair
  • TV power surge damage repair
  • TV turns on and the screen is grey
  • TV Antena/coaxial input damaged
  • TV turns on/off in seconds
  • TV backlight repair and installation
  • TV has no picture, only sound
  • TV has no sound, only picture
  • TV screen flickers / blinking red light

TV(s) with a shattered/broken/cracked screen are sometimes NOT repairable - see more info under 'Details'.

We do house-calls and/or pick-ups at your location!

Service Details, Policies & Rates

Estimates: Once you have contacted us with a request, we will immediately provide you with a rough estimate of repair costs so you may decide if you want to continue any further. Please keep in mind that in order to provide accurate estimates, we may need to examine the item(s) in detail.

Repair Restrictions: We will NOT repair LCD/Plasma TVs and monitors that have broken screens; it will cost more to replace a broken screen than to buy a new TV, and more often than not, its impossible to find the exact screen. In addition, Plasma TVs with burned-in images require a screen replacement as well, which are also not worth a repair due to high costs and finding the exact screen. Furthermore, CRT TVs/Monitors are such an old technology, so please consider an upgrade over repairs.

In Warranty?: If your device/electronics item is still in warranty, it is best to make use of it by contacting the store that you purchased it from or the brand's manufacturer; however, if you choose, we will service your device, but be aware that doing so will void the warranty with the retailer/manufacturer.

*** "Don't think it's over just because someone else tells you it's not repairable" - ONLY applies when you didn't leave your device(s) at the other repair shop(s), because if you left your device(s) at the other repair shops, they might have damaged your device(s) further - which could prevent the device(s) for being repaired, and overall makes the device(s) much more difficult and expensive for us to repair, if at all.

TV(s) with a broken/cracked screen: If the TV has a shattered/broken/cracked screen, or inner vertical or horizontal lines across the screen, or entire sections of the screen are white/black, or there are spider-web cracks on the screen, in most cases, the TV screen is unrepairable. It is almost impossible to find the exact TV model screen, and if we ever find the exact TV screen that is needed, there is a very high chance of damage during the shipping process, therefore the TV is uneconomical and not repairable.

No Repair, No Charge: If clearly there is something wrong with your device but we are unable to fix it, no charges will be applied.

House Calls / Pick-Ups: House-calls during the week (Monday to Friday) are available afte 6pm and before 7:30pm.

Service Rates: The following price ranges are provided for reference purposes only. Every situation is unique to itself, therefore final costs may vary. We do not charge 'by the hour,' but instead take our time to ensure all work is final and of highest quality, so the following ranges are primarily based on the price of parts and installation costs associated with those parts.

Service Labor and Parts
*Some caviates... Prices of parts may change daily, and sometimes dramatically, so the prices below are not set in stone.
Estimates FREE!
Troubleshooting at your location (i.e. house call) $25
Troubleshooting and no problems found in shop $25
Troubleshooting and you choose not to repair $30
Minimum charge on all repairs $25
Smart TV/LED/LCD/Plasma/DLP TV Repair - The labor for all TV(s) that are 45-inch or smaller: $45 flat rate + the cost of the parts (if any)
Smart TV/LED/LCD/Plasma/DLP TV Repair - for TVs 46" or bigger: the cost of the flat rate repair service is based on the size of the TV (diagonally) + the cost of the parts. For example: 55" TV - the cost for the repair would be $55 + cost of the parts (if any). $(size of TV) flat rate + cost of the parts (if any)
Computer LCD Monitor $35 + parts
CD players, Radios, Turn-tables, Tape decks, Home receivers $20 to $90
Blu-Ray/DVD/DVR/Tivo Players $45 + parts
MP3 players, Cell Phones, Other small devices $25 + parts
Digital cameras, Videocameras, Camcorders $40 + parts

Item Return: Upon completion of all repairs, we will contact you to pick-up your devices(s), or to determine a return location. We will attempt to contact you at least twice a week via email and/or telephone for a total of three weeks. If all communication attempts are unsuccessful after this period, we will retain your item(s).

Check Out The Devices Index! 〉〉

- OR -

Contact Us For a Free Diagnosis! 〉〉
Camera Repair Services

Video Game Console Systems Repair Services, Replacement, Upgrades and/or Cleaning

Dr. Digital can fix, repair & service all Video Game Consoles, handhelds and accessories for gaming.

Common repairs include: HDMI Port repair and replacement, Blue-Ray Disc Drive repair, Disc Laser Lens replacement, Disc Laser Board repar, OS update/re-installation, Fan Repair/Dust Cleaning and Cooling, Power Brick/Power Supply Repair, and more!

  • Xbox One X Repair
  • Xbox One S Repair
  • Xbox One Repair (Xbox 1)
  • Xbox 360 Slim Repair
  • Xbox Kinect Sensor Repair
  • PS4 Pro Repair
  • PS4 Slim Repair
  • PS4 / PlayStation 4 Repair
  • PS3 Repair
  • PS Vita Portable / PSP/PSP-2000
  • Nintendo Switch / Dock Station Repair
  • Nintendo Wii U / Gamepad Repair
  • Nintendo NES Repair
  • Nintendo DS/2DS/2DS XL/3DS/3DS XL Repair
  • Gaming Headset/Headphones Repair
  • Controllers & Accessories
Camera Repair Services

Repair and/or Cleaning for All Sorts/Types of Cameras

Dr. Digital can repair and/or clean all types of cameras, from video and digital cameras/camcorder, to all sorts of outdoor cameras.

If the optical or digitial lens is stuck, we can fix it!  If the lens is dirty or dusty, we can clean it!  If the camera's electronic circuitry is malfunctioning, we can diagnose it!  If the camera housing is damaged, we can replace it!  If the LCD screen is cracked or not functioning, we can repair it!   If the SD slot is worn out and won't lock in, we can modify it!   Also includes battery repair & cleaning due to corrosion, water or wear and tear.

  • Digital SLR Camera Repair
  • DSLR Camera Repair/Cleaning
  • Digital Camera Repair/Cleaning
  • Lens / Lenses Repair and Cleaning
  • Mirrorless Camera Repair/Cleaning
  • Point-and-shoot Camera Repair/Cleaning
  • Action Camera / GoPro Repair/Cleaning
  • Video Camera Repair/Cleaning
  • Camcorder Repair/Cleaning
  • Webcam Repair/Cleaning
  • Wi-fi Camera Repair/Cleaning
  • Infrared (IR) Camera Repair/Cleaning
  • Motion-detection Camera(s) Repair/Cleaning
  • Car/Truck Dash Cam Repair/Cleaning
  • Baby Camera Repair + Monitor
  • Pet Camera Repair
  • Animal Sensor Camera(s)
  • Trail Camera(s) Repair
  • Wildlife Hunting Camera(s)
  • Outdoor Time-lapse Camera
  • Game / Hunting Camera Repair
  • Surveillance Camera Repair
  • Security Camera Repair
  • Security Surveillance Cam(s)
  • Scouting Camera Repair
  • Long Range Camera Repair
  • Night Vision Camera repair
Desktop and Computer Repair Service, including Upgrades and Cleaning

Desktop and Laptop Computer Repairs / Upgrades / Installation / Malware Cleaning & Custom Computer Builds

We have been working with computers for over two decades, so when it comes to repairing, upgrading and building computers, the Doctor knows best. Whether your computer is infected by viruses, fails to power-on, shuts off unintentionally, or you just need some upgrades, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you and get things doene!

We provide a wide variety of computer/hardware services including, but not limited to:

  • Computer Repair Services
  • PC Repair Services
  • Entertainment PC Repair Services
  • Desktop Repair Services
  • Tower Repair Services
  • Work Station Repair Services
  • Laptop PC Repair Services
  • Gaming System Repair Services
  • Chromebook Repair Services
  • Apple MacBook Air/Pro Repair Services
  • Apple iMac/Mac Repair Services
  • Linux Computer Repair Services
  • Notebook Repair Services
  • Ultrabook Repair Services
  • Netbook Repair Services
  • Tablet Repair Services
  • Networking issues - Wifi/Ethernet/Cable/Connection Diagnostics and Repair
  • Repairs: Motherboard Repair, Monitor Repair, LCD/LED/IPS Display Repair, Touch Screen Repair, Hinge Frame Repair, Power Plug/Charging port Repair, Power Supply Board Repair, CPU (Processor) Repair/Reflow, Fan/Cooling System Repair, Keyboard Replacement, Mouse Repair + USB Port/Hub Repair, Webcam Repair, Speakers Repair, Router(s), Printer(s), Disk Repair and more!
    + Video Card / GPU repair and/or reflow (doesn't need replacement parts!)
  • Hardware Upgrades: Hard Drive (HDD) / Solid State Drive (SSD) Upgrade/ Storage Expansion, Memory Chips (RAM) Upgrade, CPU Processor Upgrade, GPU (Graphics Video Card) upgrade, Power Supply, DVD/Blu-Ray Burner Player, PC/Tower Case, Motherboard, Display Monitor and more!
  • OS Setup/Installation and/or Reinstallation, Drivers Installation, Programs Installation, Settings Configuration, as well as Anti-Virus Installation and Repairs: stuck on boot/logo, no OS detected, HDD making clicky sound, reboots randomly, and more!
  • Computer OS Optimization or Hard Drive Optimization
  • Upgrade from Windows 7/8/8.1 to Windows 10, or Switch to Linux OS (like Ubuntu, Fedora, etc.)
  • Downgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 7
  • Data Migration: Transfer data or files from one computer/HDD to another, or HDD to SSD Upgrade
  • Windows 10/Chromebook/MacBook macOS Installation/Upgrade/Re-install/Recovery/Repair
  • Windows User Account Password Reset/Recovery/Removal
  • Hardware & Software Cleaninirg or Installation - Detect & Remove Malware, Adware Removal, Spyware Removal, Viruses Cleaning, Bloatware Removal, Trialware Removal, Utilities and Apps/Application Cleaning, "My computer runs too slow!" services, Internet Security Solutions, Fan/Cooling or Case Dust Cleaning + more, and protect for the future!
Service Details, Policies & Rates

Policies: All policies detailed in the general repair service above apply to all computer repairs.

Service Rates: The following price ranges are provided for reference purposes only. Every situation is unique to itself, therefore final costs may vary. We do not charge 'by the hour,' but instead take our time to ensure all work is final and of highest quality, so the following ranges are primarily based on the price of parts and installation costs associated with those parts.

Computer Devices We Repair/Service: Microsoft Windows Desktop, Microsoft Windows Laptop, Microsoft Windows Tablet; Apple Mac, Apple Mac Mini, Apple iMac, Apple MacBook, Apple MacBook Pro; Linux Laptop, Linux Desktop, Linux Machine; Chromebook

Service Parts and Labor
*Some caviates... Prices of parts may change daily, and sometimes dramatically, so the prices below are not set in stone.
Repair Estimates FREE!
Troubleshooting at your location (i.e. house call) $25
Troubleshooting and no problems found in shop $20
Troubleshooting and you choose not to repair $30
Minimum charge on all repairs (unless said otherwise) $20
Desktop Computer - Power Supply replacement/upgrade $30 + parts; Depends on wattage
Desktop Computer - Hard Drive replacement/upgrade $25 + parts; Depends on HDD capacity
Desktop Computer - Motherboard replacement/upgrade $25 + parts
Desktop Computer - Processor replacement/upgrade $20 + parts
Desktop Computer - CD/DVD Burner replacement/repair $30
Desktop Computer - Memory Upgrade $15 + parts
Laptop keyboard replacement $25
Laptop power plug replacement/repair $65 flat rate
Laptop - Memory upgrade $25 - $60
Laptop - Hard-Drive replacement/upgrade $25 + parts; Depends on HDD capacity
Laptop - Screen replacement $45 + cost of the screen
Desktop/Laptop - Hardware Cleanup $25 per machine
Desktop/Laptop - Malicious Software Cleanup (Spyware, Viruses, etc...) $30 per machine
Desktop/Laptop - (Re)-Installation of OS and all necessary drivers $50 per machine
Custom Computer Builds $90 (for assembly, install & update)
+ price of parts/case/accessories/etc.

Item Return: Upon completion of all maintenance, you will be contacted to pick-up your item(s), or to determine a return location. We will attempt to contact you at least twice a week via email and/or telephone for a total of 30 days. If all communication attempts are unsuccessful after this period, we will retain your machine for our use.

Stop By For a Free Diagnosis! 〉〉
Soldering components

Solder Electronic Components on the Circuitry Level & Reflow

Dr. Digital has the professional tools, the expertise and the precision for soldering electronic components/elements on the circuit board, including but not limited to: reflow soldering (for chips/processor), true hole technology, MOSFET and surface mount soldering!

  • Resistor soldering
  • Capacitor soldering
  • Transistor soldering
  • Chip(s) soldering
  • Diode soldering
  • Battery soldering
  • Inductors soldering
  • Integrated Circuit (IC) soldering
  • Coils soldering
  • Sensor soldering
  • Reflow soldering/
  • Re-soldering
  • Xbox One HDMI port soldering
  • PS4 HDMI port soldering repair
  • Nintendo Switch charging port soldering
  • Charging port replacement for Mobile Phone
  • Charging port replacement for Tablet
  • USB port soldering repair
  • Power plug replacement by soldering
  • Power supply soldering
  • TV circuit board soldering
  • Reflow video chip on laptop/PC
  • And more!
Soldering Equipment with Iron
TV with a Broken Screen

Electronics Recycling Center: Proper Ways To Dispose and Recycle Your TV(s) & Device(s) - Hands and Hassle Free!

Dr. Digital can relieve your pain, distress, or difficulty when it comes to properly disposing and recycling your broken TV(s) and/or electronic devices.

If you have a broken TV or old and/or broken devices and you would like to dispose of the items properly, as well as hands & hassle free, then just Contact Dr. Digital and we can arrange a meeting/pick-up of your choosing.

Did we mention that this service is hands & hassle free, as well as FREE of charge!

Service Details, Policies & Rates

Details, Policies, and Rates

Location Limitation: This service only applies within the Morganton city limits, Glen Alpine, Salem, and Drexel.

Cost of Service: FREE

Contact Us For a Proper TV Disposal! 〉〉

Service Area & Info

The Doctor is in, and is servicing the greater Morganton area, including surrounding towns and cities within the ~20 miles radius¹:

  • Glen Alpine
  • Lake James
  • Salem
  • Oak Hill
  • Drexel
  • Valdese
  • Connelly
  • Icard
  • Hildebran
  • Hickory
  • Marion
  • Gamewell
  • Lenoir
  • + Map 〉〉

¹Service Area/Location Info:

  • If you reside in our Service Area, we can arrange a house-call or a pick-up at your location (see details below).
  • If you reside at a location outside of our Service Area and you would like to use our services, you may either bring your devices & electronics to our shop, or ship/deliver the devices to our location at your own expense.

Service Notes/Details

  • House-Calls & Pick-Ups at your location of choice must be within our servicing area (~20 miles radius around Morganton, NC).
  • House-Calls during the week (Monday to Friday) are available after 6pm and before 7:30pm.
  • House-calls & items for pick-up inside the Morganton city-limits are FREE!
  • Please note that there is a $25 fee for house-calls & pick-ups outside of the Morganton city-limits.
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