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If you have an iPhone, an iPad, or certain Android devices that have been damaged, have a cracked screen, no touch, iCloud locked, is for parts only and/or you don't want it anymore - we will buy your device for cash!

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If you would like to fix/repair an iPhone or iPad for less by fixing it yourself? We usually have all the new screens in stock for the iPhones and/or some of the iPad tocuhscreens, so you may purchase the new screens from our shop inventory! We can give you some quick repair tips and some start-up tools for your repair.

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Dr. Digital's Repair Guides

YAMAHA RX-V473 (and other models) Receiver Repair Guide

PUBLISHED: 11/29/2016 by Dr. Digital - Fix All Digital

YAMAHA RX-V473 Receiver icon

PROBLEM: Flashing red light when Power button pressed, no display, no output sound. Solution found!!!


Cause: The voltage in the power supply section is abnormal.

Supplementary information: The protection function worked due to a defect or overload in the power supply.

Turning on the power without correcting the abnormality will cause the protection function to work in 1 second and the power supply will be shut off.

When the protection function worked due to abnormal voltage in the power supply section:

  • In this particular case the displayed fault was PS1_PRT: 000L


LOCATION: Secondary 6.2VAC winding (2x ORANGE Wires and 1x Black Wire).

The wire on this particular winding is Aluminum!? It is silver looking. (The rest of the windings wires are Copper wire.)

THE PROBLEM AREA IS THE SOLDER OVER THE TWISTED JOINT of the Orange and Black extensions and the Aluminum winding wire.


  1. Vertically cut through the outer Blue tape.
  2. Carefully remove the clear cote and the solder from the twisted joints (3 joints: 2x Orange wires, 1x Black wire).
  3. Use a pair of pliers to re-twist tightly the joints (DO NOT apply high force). Apply extra solder over the twisted joints.
  4. Apply isolation tape and restore the blue tape over the repaired area.
  5. Check resistance ~0.3 OHM between Orange wire and Black wire; ~0.6 OHM between the Orange wires.